Identity Theft: More than Money Lost

Identity Theft: More than Money Lost
Personal data was stolen from more than 100 million Americans this year in cyberattacks and thefts from retailers, banks and hospitals. Many of them will become victims of identity theft.
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#1 endpoint backup is a big claim. Fortunately we can back it up.
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Data Breaches Plague California
Personal information about more than 18.5 million Californians was hacked, stolen or otherwise exposed last year and as many as one-third of those people will become victims of fraud.
Did Russian Gov't Hack White House?
It’s not China this time -- it’s the Russian government. Or at least that’s who experts think is behind a recent hack into White House computer networks, causing temporary disruptions in some services.
Experts Say Big Cyberattack Coming
It might not happen today or tomorrow, but a major cyberattack on a telecom network will likely happen in the next decade, and it could bring with it great damage to finances and security.
IBM Rolls Out Analytics Security Tool
With data breaches making headlines almost weekly, finding a better way to predict attacks, not just react to them, is a key issue for enterprises. IBM is tackling that challenge with new software.
Chinese Officials Hack China iCloud
Want usernames, passwords, and data.
Possible Data Breach at Staples
Customer card info likely stolen.
Facebook Unfriends Drug Agency
After agent created fake online profile.
JPMorgan: Cyberattack Threat Looms
Government, businesses must unite.
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