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Apple's iPhone 6 Is Headed to China

China's phone regulator has approved Apple Inc.'s iPhone 6 for use on Chinese networks after the company promised never to install "backdoors" to give other governments access to users' information.
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Phone Encryption Troubles Authorities
U.S. law enforcement officials are urging Apple and Google to give authorities access to smartphone data that the companies have decided to allow users to block with encryption.
Hiding, Securing Data on Phones
Apple, Google and other tech companies have been trying to depict themselves as trustworthy stewards of personal information following NSA spying revelations. How good are the protections?
Apple Locks Itself Out of Devices
With its latest mobile operating system, iOS 8, Apple has tightened its technological security so that not even the company itself can pry into a password-protected iPhone or iPad.
Android To Be Encrypted by Default
The next generation of Android, known as Android L, reportedly will have data encryption turned on by default. The move puts Google in line with Apple, which just unveiled a new privacy strategy with iOS 8.
Will Apple Tech Kill the Card Swipe?
Security concerns must be overcome.
Phone Apps Abysmal on Privacy
As much as 85% have serious issues.
Apple Lures Users to Mobile Pay
With iPhone, Apple Pay, Apple Watch.
Apple Pushes into Mobile Payments
Will merchants embrace Apple Pay?
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