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Yahoo CEO Defends Her Strategy

Yahoo CEO Defends Her Strategy
Signaling her reign has reached a pivotal juncture, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is trying to convince restless shareholders that the long-struggling Internet company is heading in the right direction.
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Wrong backup cloud could mean permanent loss of endpoint data
Barium Ferrite (BaFe) is the future of tape.
#1 endpoint backup is a big claim. Fortunately we can back it up.
Get real-time, cloud-based information services with Neustar.
Protect your network with APC Smart-UPS battery backup.
BMC's I.T. solutions unleash the power of your business.
Protect your data. Learn the top 10 endpoint backup mistakes.
Traditional backup is dead! Get the research report.
Google Tests Anti-Piracy Search Ads
In its ongoing efforts to work with copyright holders and reduce piracy, Google is testing ads that appear in the results for searches involving terms like "download," "free" or "watch."
Apple Pay: The Next iRevolution?
Apple's skinnier iPads and flashy big-screen iMac are sleek and stunning. But the tech giant is making a bigger strategic bet with Apple Pay, the service aimed at turning your iPhone into your wallet.
Amazon To Open Physical Store
The line is getting even more blurry between online retailing and physical shopping: e-commerce giant Amazon appears to be going old-school this holiday season and opening its own store in NY.
A Spin with Wal-Mart's Savings App
Price-matching at the grocery store has always promised to save some money -- and create a lot of work. The Savings Catcher service from Wal-Mart promises to do some of that work for you.
EBay Now a Place To 'Shop the World'
New ads focus on wide array of goods.
Apple, Google Are Top Brands... Again
Head annual list of 100 most valuable.
Microsoft Targeting Salesforce Users
With online sales productivity tools.
'Isis' Businesses Fight Brand Bashing
Unlucky association scars reputation.
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