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1. HTC Debuts Windows Phone Version of One M8 Smartphone

August 19, 2014
...M8. For starters, Cortana, Windows Phone’s personal digital assistant, makes its HTC debut on the One M8. As seen in the television commercials that picks on Apples digital assistant, Siri, Cortana can help search for restaurants and set calendar appointments. Cortana also warns you when it’s time to leave for your next appointment or remind you ...

2. Google's Pivotal IPO Launched a Decade of Big Bets

August 19, 2014
...Adjusted for a split completed earlier this year, Google's stock has risen roughly 14-fold, leaving the company with a market value of nearly $400 billion. Only Exxon Mobil Corp. and Apple Inc. are worth more. Apple didn't fare quite as well as Google in the first decade after its December 1980 IPO. Apples stock merely tripled in ...

3. Best Buy Leaks Moto 360 Smart Watch Info

August 18, 2014
...availability as "coming soon." The consensus is that it will debut before the summer is out, and Motorola reportedly has a press conference scheduled Sept. 4. On the iOS side, Apples iWatch is expected to be released Sept. 9. Dawson recently evaluated the current crop of smart watches. "I'm bearish on the prospects for ...

4. Apple Opens iCloud Data Center in China

August 15, 2014
...Apple said Friday in a statement to The Wall Street Journal that all data stored is encrypted, meaning China Telecom does not have access to its content. Apple takes user security and privacy very seriously," Apple said. "We have added China Telecom to our list of data center providers to increase bandwidth and improve performance for our ...

5. Android Crushing Smartphone Rivals

August 15, 2014
...the 300 million mark for the first time in history, Google’s Android OS dominates the sector with an 85 percent market share, according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. Apples iOS comes in at a distant second, taking only 11 percent of the market. The report seems to put aside any hopes of a ...

6. Apple Bans Two Toxic Chemicals in iPhone Assembly

August 14, 2014
... "Recently, we received some questions about whether the chemicals benzene and n-hexane are used in the manufacturing of our products," said Lisa Jackson, vice president of environmental affairs at Apple and former administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, writing in an Apple blog post Wednesday. "We took immediate investigative action, sending specialized teams into each of our 22 ...

7. Amazon Debuts Mobile Payment System

August 14, 2014
...using Local Register by creating an account on . Businesses must buy Amazon's card reader for $10, and download the free mobile app from the Amazon app store, the Apple app store or Google Play. The app works on most smartphones and tablets, including the Kindle Fire. Similar to Amazon's strategy in many of its businesses, ...

8. Apple's Diversity Report: A Long Way To Go

August 14, 2014
...Inc., Yahoo Inc., Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and LinkedIn Corp. Apple the world's most valuable company, has the largest workforce among that group. A significant chunk of Apples $575 billion market value has enriched Apple programmers and other technology workers who received stock options to supplement their salaries, which routinely exceed $100,000. The tech ...

9. Apple's Workforce Mostly White, Male

August 13, 2014
...cases, even the relatively small amount of diversity found in Apple offices represent a more inclusive workforce than those of its competitors. Adam’s Apple Apple is hardly alone when it comes to the lack of gender parity among its workers. Google and Twitter have both said their workforces ...

10. Video Personalizing Online Customer Service

August 13, 2014 today?" Regina, the teller, asked before she processed Vallejos' car loan payments and shared some laughs with her. At a time when automated voices such as Apples Siri and Microsoft's Cortana respond to questions, customers often think Regina is just another video robot. But Regina is a real teller, communicating with her customers ...
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