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1. Feds OK $2.3 Billion IBM-Lenovo x86 Server Deal

August 22, 2014
... Big Blue is selling that part of its business to Lenovo for $2.3 billion so it can focus on system and software innovations related to cognitive computing, big data and cloud computing. By putting its x86 server business in Lenovo’s hands, IBM figures its customers still have a strong partner with which to move forward. ...

2. Google Acquires Contextual Image Startup Jetpac

August 18, 2014
...responded to requests for comments. The Jetpac team includes co-founders Julian Green, who is CEO, and Pete Warden, CTO; head of marketing Cathrine Lindblom Gunasekara; and data engineer Dave Fearon. Images, Big Data and Machine Learning Founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, Jetpac offers ...

3. What Makes Splunk 'Stream' App Different?

August 12, 2014
...visibility with the new Splunk App for Stream. Splunk claims the app offers a “new software approach” for capturing real-time streaming wire data The firm defines wire data as machine data transmitted between applications over networks. Wire data can serve up information about business activity, app performance, security and IT infrastructure issues -- without any code instrumentation. ...

4. IBM's Breakthrough Chip Design Mimics Human Brain

August 8, 2014
...terms, it's just a far more advanced type of processing that will be able to handle advanced tasks quickly. The additional speed and power are becoming increasingly important for processing big data and working in real-time with distributed systems and the Internet of Things. Computer architectures and software programs are "closely intertwined and a new architecture necessitates ...

5. Splunk Cuts Prices, Pledges 100% Uptime for Cloud

August 5, 2014
... Other changes include the addition of a free online sandbox for customers who want to test Splunk's cloud services, and new plans that cover up to 5 terabytes of data per day. Splunk's enterprise services monitor and analyze data flowing through its customers' IT systems. These can include everything from network activity to customer clickstreams and ...

6. Next-Gen Splunk Serves Up Faster Threat Detection

August 5, 2014
...App for Enterprise Security, complete with a new risk scoring framework that promises faster threat detection and containment. Beyond allowing you to assign risks scores to any data the app also lets you connect and visualize data on the fly. Then there’s the guided search feature that lets more users access security analytics without any knowledge of ...

7. 12,000-Plus Join Lawsuit on Facebook's EU Privacy Policies

August 4, 2014
...accuses Facebook of "aiding the NSA [U.S. National Security Agency] to run the 'PRISM' spy programme," as well as tracking users on external pages through 'social plug-ins,' and conducting "illegal big data analytics." The suit seeks a damage amount of 500 euros (about $670) per user, and notes that "Schrems will not receive any remunerations as ...

8. SAP, Apigee Partner on API Management

July 31, 2014
...-- and more importantly to SAP’s customers? The company aims to help businesses build end-to-end mobile and digital services using the building blocks of the connected world: APIs, apps and data And Apigee claims it helps companies do that more quickly. More specifically, the company promises enterprises using Apigee Edge can “transform” backend services into consumable APIs ...

9. IBM Beefs Up Identity Intelligence Security Solutions

July 31, 2014
Big Blue is betting big on identity intelligence. IBM just acquired a private company that has developed security software to govern user access to applications and data across both cloud ...

10. Facebook, OKCupid Not Alone in Studying Consumers

July 31, 2014
...with U.K. firm Path Intelligence to identify shopper patterns through mobile phone movements. The system uses cellular data Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Forest City emphasizes that it does not collect personal data or any data that could be used to identify an individual shopper. The company has used the data to determine whether it should move an escalator in one mall ...
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