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1. Oracle's Mark Hurd Reveals 5 Keys to Marketing Success

April 16, 2014
...source of intelligent information that will help them succeed. Do right by your customers, and they'll do right by you." 2. It's All About the Data Hurd doesn't want to hear that big data is going to somehow solve all your marketing challenges. As he sees it, businesses need solutions ...

2. How To Beat the Heartbleed Bug

April 16, 2014
...their gates, find them, and stop them before damage can occur,” Gazit said. “The only way to achieve such a laser-precision level of detection is through the use of hyper-dimensional big data analytics, deploying it as part of the very core of the defense mechanisms.” ...

3. Dropbox Rolls Out New Business Features

April 10, 2014
...service also includes several capabilities that IT often wants, including remote wipe, the ability to transfer an account if someone leaves, and audit log sharing to keep track of how data is shared inside and outside of a company. Dropbox for Business requires at least five users, and the cost is $15 per user every month. ...

4. Heartbleed Bug Could Disconnect Internet of Things

April 10, 2014
... About two weeks ago, Cisco, IBM, GE and AT&T launched the Industrial Internet Consortium, an open membership group that aims to break down technology silo barriers and drive better big data access with improved integration between digital and physical worlds. IoT believers were rejoicing. Heartbleed is a wakeup call. Impacting most of the Internet, Heartbleed could ...

5. Data Compilers' Secret Scores Peg Consumers

April 10, 2014
...industry generates $156 billion in annual revenue, 70% of it involving companies sharing their records on consumers and groups of individuals with other enterprises. The brokers' computer programs, which crunch data from public records and private databases can involve hundreds and even thousands of factors, experts say, acknowledging that the complexities can appear threatening. "We realize we ...

6. IBM Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Mainframes, Unveils Cloud Services

April 8, 2014
...for mobile workloads using System z, which it said can reduce pricing by as much as 60 percent for mobile needs. It also is now offering the first commercial Hadoop big data framework for Linux on System z, in collaboration with Veristorm, as well as a faster generation of flash storage for mainframes and a new version of the IBM ...

7. Fast Seagate 6 TB Drive Offered for Enterprise Data Centers

April 7, 2014
...only the fastest but also an important step forward in scale-out data infrastructures serving up "supersize" storage and reliability to keep up with massive growth of both corporate and cloud-based data centers. That's a mouthful, but considering the explosion of big data it's probably a welcome sound in the ears of enterprise IT executives. ...

8. Teradata Rolls Out QueryGrid Analytics Platform

April 7, 2014
...Data Architecture. The company's Unified Data Architecture is a partnership with Hortonworks enterprise data platform that integrates the open source big data framework Hadoop with the Teradata Database and Teradata Aster Discovery Platform. 'Value from Big Data Scott Gnau, president of Teradata Labs, said in a statement that attempts ...

9. Hortonworks, LucidWorks Team Up To Bring Search to Big Data

April 3, 2014
...our clients with a seamless platform for deploying search-based applications running on HDP. It’s the perfect solution for analyzing social media, chat sessions, e-mails, documents and many other sources of big data The Democratization of Big Data We caught up with Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT, to get his ...

10. IBM's Watson Boosts Customer Engagement

April 2, 2014
...revolves around deep domain knowledge with natural language processing and machine learning." Watson, in its current form, "is basically a way to get at the implications of big data Bill Meisel, executive director of the Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS) and principal at TMA Associates, stated in an email to Speech Technology magazine. "An ...
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