Vidder Now Protects Applications from Compromised Devices and Backdoors -- New Capabilities Enhance Access Control Security While Reducing Complexity
CAMPBELL, Calif., June 13, 2017 -- Vidder, Inc., the pioneer and market leader in Trusted Access Control, today announced the addition of endpoint trust assessment to its PrecisionAccess™ solution.

With trust assessment, PrecisionAccess allows only trusted clients to access enterprise applications -- isolating compromised devices from accessing them -- a first for access control solutions. PrecisionAccess already protects applications and servers from unauthorized users, unregistered devices, and attackers with stolen credentials, whether the apps are internal or cloud-based.

Vidder’s compromised device detection augments existing endpoint security controls to defeat attacks against its encrypted application tunnels. The result is a broader role for access control solutions in organizations that have distributed apps and users and depend upon multiple point security solutions to protect increasingly complex networks.

“Vidder’s PrecisionAccess has delivered effective security against sophisticated attacks, including nation-sponsored attacks,” said Bob Flores, Partner at Cognitio Corporation and former CTO of the Central Intelligence Agency. “Now, with the addition of trust assessment, Vidder defeats external attack vectors against protected enterprise applications.”

The unique PrecisionAccess architecture operates at the connection and application layers, as opposed to using traditional network-based controls. The result is a lower cost and more effective approach to cyber security that doesn’t require costly infrastructure upgrades or painful cutovers. Attack surfaces are significantly reduced with a single layer of enforcement deployed seamlessly across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

“Vidder’s PrecisionAccess is helping us to enhance security and user experience while reducing costs by moving away from traditional hardware investment,” said Mo Ahddoud, CISO of SGN, a gas distribution company that distributes natural and green gas to nearly 6 million homes and businesses. “Vidder’s software defined perimeter technology is a key part of our strategy of limiting dependence upon the traditional perimeter model and reducing the network footprint with all of its related costs and compromises.”

The addition of trust assessment is offered as a free upgrade for all existing customers and is part of the standard pricing for new customers.

“In today’s network nothing can be trusted,” said Mark Hoover, Vidder CEO. “Vidder re-invented access control in order to provide enterprises with a tool they can use to regain trust, security, and control without impeding their path to the agility and economics associated with cloud infrastructure and services. For Vidder, adding trust assessment to PrecisionAccess is part of our natural progression and we will continue to innovate so that enterprises can worry less about security and more about the business of their business.”

About Vidder

Vidder is changing how modern day enterprises approach security in the increasingly untrusted and diverse IT landscape. The company’s breakthrough PrecisionAccess™ solution provides trusted and unified access control across internal networks, clouds, and external users. Security is enhanced by continually ensuring that only trusted devices used by strongly authenticated users can ever see and access enterprise and applications. Cost and complexity are reduced via a single layer of software-defined enforcement for IT, and a transparent experience for users. Vidder’s customers include enterprises and government entities which are solving difficult security problems while gaining agility and cutting costs.