Windows 8 is landing on consumer desktops and the reviews keep pouring in. Beyond market research analysts who pontificate on the pros and cons of Windows 8, though, what do everyday users have to say about Microsoft's new flagship software?

Well, that depends on whom you ask. It seems some love it and some hate it. Users have been weighing in on Windows 8 through comments in response to one of our recent articles titled, "Is Windows 8 Living Up to Microsoft's Expectations?" Indeed, the question elicited responses about whether or not Windows 8 is living up to user expectations.

Windows 8 Haters Sound Off

One commenter, Craig Stewart, said he believes Microsoft had taken some steps backwards on Windows 8: "Eye candy is a great strategy for marketing! But when you give up functionality you lose! Microsoft has had a few losers over the years, and I feel this one is headed that way!"

Meanwhile, a commenter named Ken said he "upgraded to Windows 8 and have been sorry ever since."

A commenter who went by the handle "Gotrock49" said he hates the absence of the Windows Start menu: "When I try to enter information in a Web site or in an e-mail, symbols will not type out, such as: the @ sign for an e-mail address, the $ sign, etc. When I try to get assistance from Microsoft, I am forwarded to an independent IT company that wants $90.00 to help me with a software issue....NO WAY."

"Wendy M" doesn't like Windows 8 because it's too different from previous versions, while "Greg P" upgraded his Windows quad-core gaming PC to Windows 8 and is regretting it. And a user named "Mike" had some harsh words to share: "Hate Windows 8. Completely insane OS. Stupid. Takes 3 times as long to do simple things. If I had the money, I'd get a Macbook Pro and give the finger to Microsoft forever."

Windows 8 Lovers Talk Back

But for all the "hater" comments, some consumers are applauding the all-new Windows 8. A user named "Paul" said he recently bought Windows 8 Pro. He called it "amazing" and "one of the best things Microsoft has brought out."

"I say it's better than Windows 7 and faster. It's well worth buying and don't miss out cause when u see it for yourself you will fall in love," Paul wrote. "Yes, it is complicated but when u get used to it, then you won't want to leave it alone. My rating is a five star and I give it 100% for its speed etc. Buy it now and enjoy it. I am and so are many more people."

Another user who called himself "Jlp" said he had been using Windows 8 since its release on a non-touch desktop and called it a "joy."

And "David" said some complainers are either spoiled or lazy: "Windows 8 is very easy to use but you have to be willing to learn the new features and gestures of this new operating system, and it appears that a lot of people are not willing to do this. I love my Windows 8 Pro and have converted it to look and operate just the way my Windows 7 did. You can't be lazy people or you will miss out on this great version of Windows."

What's your take on Windows 8? Sound off in the comment box below.