Work Anywhere with Strotter’s Hands-Free iPad Cases and Bags -- Your Mobile Standing Desk on the Go
Introducing ACROSS and PLATFORMA by Strotter -- two products that allow you to work or play on your iPad while standing up -- hands-free. These are not your run-of-the-mill cases competing among the dozens in the twenty dollar market, but rather a premium, high-end brand.

The product is made in Italy with only the best materials, such as full-grain leather and high-density smooth nylon, and extreme attention to details. The company uses CAD and computer controlled machines -- in combination with centuries-old techniques.

The hallmark of the products is that users can use their iPad while standing up with both hands-free to type. These premium leather iPad cases and messenger bags let you use your iPad anywhere. The design is simple and elegant; the bag transforms into a mobile desk. They also convert into sling-type backpacks. The bags and cases are very easy to use with all transformations from working mode to carrying taking only seconds.

The bag and cases are for people on the go, and those who may need to work while standing up. The industries and use case scenarios are endless as the product helps individuals and businesses to maximize the use of their iPads.

Customers are frequent travelers, commuters of all kinds, students, retailers, photographers, journalists, motorcyclists, sales representatives, real estate agents, home inspectors, property appraisers, etc. The product is for anyone who needs a convenient carrying option, instant access, an ability to use their iPad without a desk, and the "preventive protection" of a suspended case.

Videos and a full gallery of pictures are located on the Strotter site. iPad cases start at $79 and the messenger bags at $140.