In January, Oracle acquired RightNow, a leading cloud-based customer service solution, adding it to the Oracle Public Cloud suite of integrated services. On Thursday, the company announced that the RightNow CX Cloud Service customer experience suite will be integrated with its Fusion CRM Sales.

Fusion Customer Relationship Management is part of Oracle Fusion Applications, which also includes Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database. Among other features, Fusion CRM provides a single view of customers across the enterprise, optimizes sales territories and sales incentives, and centralizes order and fulfillment systems.

Customer Interaction = Opportunity

The combination of RightNow with Fusion, the company said, combines service interactions from RightNow with sales predictions and segmentation capabilities from Fusion Sales. This will help businesses generate cross-channel customer interactions and increase opportunities for revenue and efficiencies.

Among other things, the company noted that the integration will allow sales personnel to review service histories as preparation for sales calls, and can provide information about buying habits of customers. Through the integration, products and services can be better matched to customers' service history, customer interactions can be better targeted, and new purchasing opportunities for customers can be more readily identified, the company said.

David Vap, Oracle group vice president, said in a statement that every customer interaction is an opportunity to grow the business. He added that "customer trust provides an opportunity to increase customer product adoption and to reduce the cost of customer acquisition," which can increase profitability.

Web, Social, Contact Center CX

According to an annual survey conducted by RightNow, 86 percent of customers choose not to do business with a company because of a bad experience. A cloud-based solution such as RightNow, according to Oracle, can result in a reduction of up to 30 percent in labor costs, as well as increased customer retention and acquisition.

RightNow combines Web, social, and contact center customer experiences, or CX, and is intended to help build trust and strength relationships.

The Web component allows consumers to use any device to research, purchase, or resolve issues. This includes the Intent Guide Cloud Service to guide customers; Self Service, a self-learning knowledge base; and a Mobile Cloud Service that optimizes options for portable devices.

There's also Chat service, a co-browsing service so that agents can work with customers via phone or live chat to make a purchase or find information, and an e-mail management service.

In social experiences, RightNow offers Support Community, a service for customers to share their experiences, an Innovation Community service for connecting to the most knowledgeable customers, and a Social Monitor to follow posts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or RSS feeds. In addition, Self Service for Facebook offers tools to grow and support a fan base on Facebook.

The contact center component of RightNow is the Dynamic Agent Desktop service, through which customer requests are tracked and managed across enterprise systems. There's also RightNow Engage for providing feedback, outreach, analytics, and knowledge management combined with social-media collaboration.